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            In-Person Class Schedule

Wednesday: 6am Hot Yoga at YogaSix, Eastchester

Wednesday: 9:30am Power Yoga at 14 Harwood Ct., Suite 326, Scarsdale Village (not heated)

Friday: 9am Power Yoga at YogaSix, Eastchester

Friday: 10:30am Hot Yoga at YogaSix, Eastchester

Sign up for YogaSix classes at

Email me to sign up for Scarsdale Village classes!

Schedule Your Private or Group Class 

Private 1:1 Session: Schedule your private class in the comfort of your own home or in my home studio!

During your first session, we will establish your goals, whether you want to be stronger, more flexible, more mindful,

or are recovering from an injury. Or perhaps you just want some well-deserved time to focus on yourself! 

Whatever your intentions are, I will utilize my diverse background and vast experience with yoga, fitness, and nutrition to

create an individualized plan just for you! 

($110 for 60 minutes, within 5 miles travel distance)

Small-Group Session: Some prefer a more social experience, so invite your friends for a small group class.

These classes will also be tailored to the group's intentions, taking into account individual goals and needs. 

($110 for 60 minutes, up to 3 people, within 5 miles travel distance) 

Kids and Family Classes, too! For kids, sessions are age-appropriate, playful for the young ones, flowier


for the older ones. 

(Rates vary) 

*Ask me about package options, too!**

                         Contact me to talk more and to schedule your first session!


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