Jocelyn Koenig Yoga

I began practicing yoga more than 20 years ago to complement my running and fitness regimen as well as to ease the daily stresses of practicing law.  After a few classes at Jivamukti Yoga in NYC, I was hooked!  I found the practice to be physically challenging, and I relished the opportunity to quiet my mind on the mat.  As an added bonus, my running times improved and my knees gave me less trouble. 


I was certified at Yogaworks in NYC, world-renowned for its alignment-based training.  I started teaching in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Montauk, and started to dream about opening my own studio. In 2015, that dream became a reality when I opened Here&Now Yoga+Body in Scarsdale, creating a space that welcomed anyone and everyone who wanted to breathe, move, and get stronger together. Because of the pandemic, I had to close Here&Now, but I am so grateful to the amazing community of teachers and students whom I still get to practice with regularly. Even though I would much prefer to be with everyone in person, thanks to virtual classes, we are able to continue our yoga journeys together! 

I teach an alignment-based vinyasa flow, meaning that I guide students through a creative sequence of linked poses for a sweaty, strengthening, yet safe and mindful practice.  I believe that yoga is for everyone and that any pose can be made accessible to any student.  My classes focus on building strength and flexibility, both mentally and physically. To engage all students, I offer modifications for beginners and challenges for more advanced practicioners, so there is always something for everyone.  My class begins with a warm-up, usually involving core work, and intelligently builds to challenging postures like arm balances, deep twists, and inversions.  I encourage students to play, to be adventurous, and to push their limits safely while maintaining alignment and listening to their bodies.  It is amazing how the confidence, balance, and mindfulness built on the mat can then transfer to daily life!